Mould Making

New Universe offer a full extent of tooling service, from DFM& DFX input, mold design, fabrication of various types of mould to the injection molding of your plastic parts. We take pride in offering one of the shortest time to market and a production capacity of 30 moulds per month with most competitive cost. We have group of expertize in the core areas Design, tooling, CAM QA/QC, program management, we consistently exceed customers’ expectation by providing reliable and quality engineering solutions to boost your competitive edge.


Maximum Mold Size
• Plastic Injection: 850 tonne mold

Lead Time
• Prototype Mold: 10 to 15 days
• Simple Mold: 20 to 30 days
• Complex Mold: 50 to 60 days

Types of Injection Mold
Plastic injection Molds:
• Metal Injection Molds (MIM)
• Ceramic Injection Molds (CIM)
• Insert/Outsert Molds
• 2-colour Molds
• Unscrewing Molds

Mould-making capacity
• 30 moulds / month

Quality Assurance
• Inspection of Steel Critical Dimension
• Inspection of Electrode Critical Dimension
• Perform FAI & CPk Study
• Perform Process Window Study

Achievable Dimensional Accuracy
• Plastic Injection: +/- 0.050 mm
• Insert manufacturing : +/- 0.005mm