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Quality design reflect the quality of tool

Design, Engineering & Program Management Department

Mold Design and Engineering

Mold design and engineering is a unique process for each and every product and the backbone of the quality tool manufacturing. Our expertise review and analyze even the smallest aspect of a product; assuring the production of only the highest quality, versatile design, and robust molds to enhance mold ability.

DFM & DFX are done in-house by the same team of engineers, designers and processing experts who take care of you throughout the full-cycle of your project. This insures you get fast, accurate results and that your design optimization is streamlined, responsive and saves your precious time & money in the long term.

Our Design engineer and Engineering team is readily available to assist you in making product design recommendations, establishing mold design criteria and selecting steels & resin for your product requirement. We cultivate working mutually with our customers to achieve the optimum mold design for each application. 

Design review meetings are conducted using 3D models. These meetings are often held in our premises or customer premises or via email. We will seek approval of our mold design with our customer prior to manufacturing.

A complete analysis delivers accurate results by combining the best software with years of tooling & molding experience processing expertise.

Our design team consists of eight full time designers utilizing (8) seats of UG-NX3 and Solid designer (1) seat for product design.

Engineering Change: All engineering changes whether internal or externally driven are fully documented to ensure full traceability.  Impact on project scope, time and/or cost is immediately communicated to our client.

We analyze and design your specific needs for
• function
• aesthetics
• size, dimensions, tolerance
• economics
• handling
• end use

Highest quality is lowest cost